With Emily

Every once in a while I get invited to lead worship.  Last week it was a Free Methodist Pastor/Spouse retreat in Indiana.  Me and my keyboard(s) and mostly familiar songs — as has been for years now.  But what made it most enjoyable by far was having my wife Emily next to me, singing alto and praizin’ Jesus.

She and I rarely get to do stuff like this together.  For about the last 10 years, we’ve had to divide and conquer, with me doing up front stuff and her supporting the whole thing from backstage with a headset and a clipboard.  Ah.  Let’s look closely at that clipboard and see what we’ve got on the list: Kids (3+1), Laundry, Groceries, Chaos Management, Odd Hours, Variables unpredictable but always reliable… yep.  It’s all there.  In other words, my role as a pastor is only possible because she’s literally making it all go. She’s amazing. The unfortunate byproduct of this scenario is that she becomes a virtual single parent on Sunday mornings, which is complex enough with three kids, not even taking into account the LexiFactor®.  For Emily and I to do something musical in church is like advanced strategic planning, military style, with the green tents and helmets and explosions all around.  That Emily’s family was able to manage the encampment while we were in ministry is truly a blessing of provision. And I am blessed because I got to lead worship for pastors and their spouses alongside my spouse.

I love my emmy.

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