Funky Sock Day

I would do anything for our daughter.  Today being funky sock day, I’m all about wearing funky socks in her honor.  Down Syndrome is caused by an extra (3rd copy) of chromosome 21*. Therefore on the 21st day of the third month of the Gregorian calendar, we celebrate Trisomy 21 — the technical name for Down Syndrome.

How do you celebrate something so, well… devistating?  After all, we’re talking about the unintended morphing of DNA leading to universal cellular mutation.  This is like celebrating the Great Chicago Fire by storing oily rags next to our water heaters.  Yah?

You know… looking back to 7-8 years ago, I felt the same discrepancy. Today, however, I’m more than willing to celebrate this scientific part of who Lexi is.  Trisomy 21 is a condition, but Lexi is a person.  Lexi is our daughter.  We love her just like this.  We celebrate the people we love.

I mentioned to my lovely wife and the mother of Lexi (a full-time job description in and of itself) that I tend to wear funky socks nearly every day.  Funky socks for me would be normal socks for yosocksu regular-foot-sized-people.  My feet are in the picture — see if you can pick them out — and my socks are funky, per normal.  Perhaps this means I celebrate Lexi every day.  I suppose I do, actually, just by enjoying everything about her.  She is priceless and beautiful and genuinely joyful.  She won’t put up with any of my pretense or any of my being bummed out.  She once hugged happiness into me.  If I get too serious, she yanks the glasses right off my face, as if to say You ain’t uptight Clark Kent.  You’re Superman.

It’s a helpful reminder of what I’m supposed to be for her.


* Whoda thunk that High School Biology would help me understand something so unique about Lexi?  Stay in school, kids.

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