Why Does Reading the Bible Make Me Feel “Better?” (Ps 19)

Life is cyclical — recurring events brings predictable opportunities and challenges.  Life is variant — each day presents something unexpected.  Life is constant exchange — we give energy, we get energy, we are emptied and filled.  Complex?  Indeed.  No wonder some days end up feeling like we’ve been through a washing machine.

In my experience as an inconsistent follower of Jesus, my moments of imbalance are always made more extreme if I’m not attached to something solid.  What’s solid?  Psalm 19 — the law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul.  For whatever reason, getting my soul in touch with the stuff God says makes everything different.  Challenges don’t vaporize, surprises don’t suddenly become non-surprises, etc.  But there is something firm beyond the wild variables of life, and it’s the Word.

Why does reading the bible make me feel better?  Because it reminds me of what is True, what is firm, what is unchanging.  It’s a change of mind, a change of heart, a change of soul.  The Word gives perspective beyond my understanding and fills my soul beyond any other experience I might encounter.  And that’s what I need: a better understanding and a filling/refreshing of my soul.  The law (Word) of the Lord is perfect (not just good, but ideal for the task of) refreshing the soul.

Read it and be refreshed.

The Word is life giving because it’s alive.  It’s a person.  The Word is Jesus.


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