Heavy Word

We’re working our way through the book of Amos at pfmchurch.  Yesterday was a temperately cold and a spiritually heavy day.  Amos 3 & 4 includes some rather weighty words that are in yo face.  Most of the time I finish up a sermon and then smile over a hearty lunch.  This time lunch found me in a spiritual body cast while Emily ran the blender (bass-o-matic) so I could drink my sustenance.  I’m still recovering this morning.  Preaching is more than just talking or giving a speech.  It’s like swimming across a lake: everything is focused on keeping afloat, moving forward, reaching the other beach.  And I love it, even when it’s really really really boom.

The Word is effective.  Sometimes it eases in through the front door and brings comfort; other times it seems to crash through the bay window and just ransacks the place, like a suburbanite deer.  Destruction is never the goal, I know, but the feels are there.  Remodeling of the heart starts with a sledgehammer, I guess.  For whatever reason, what’s happening in me.  Ultimately, I have an overwhelming amount of trust in God that He will make the Word effective.  And I cannot wait until next week.

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