Becky’s Words –

I had the sad privilege of officiating a memorial today for a member of our church.  Becky was a wonderful and beautiful person.  She knew and loved Jesus, even in the midst of a big ol’ fight with cancer, which su stinks.

The service was a time of mourning underlined by celebration.   She’s ok now, but we will miss her.

I want to quote Becky Walden here for two reasons.  First, I think she’s writing for so many people who are hurting today.  Second, I want to remember what she said, and this is a good place to keep it.

Now, in her own words from her journal, with a body fighting cancer and a heart full of Jesus, is Becky:

God meets you in the silence, in the stillness, in the emptiness, in the _________.

All the places where you are most afraid.

All the places where it is difficult to see.

So you must listen for His voice that cries out to you through your tears

for His tender whispers of encouragement and His promises of devotion

God is present in your circumstances today and He is preparing a future for tomorrow.  

He can be heard above the sorrow and seen through the dreary darkness when we fix our gaze toward Him,

and hold on as if there is no other answer.    


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