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We’re Going to Stop Calling it the Contemporary Service

I was reading through USA Today early this morning and came across a brief story about the sorta-new Michael Jackson album being released by Sony. Here’s a chunk: Posthumous Michael Jackson album ‘Xscape’ released: Even five years after his death, there is no escaping Michael … Continue reading

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Shepherd & Overseer of Your Soul

Yesterday (Sunday, May 11) was Mother’s Day in the US and the Fourth Sunday of Easter in the Church ’round the world.  The lectionary called for 1st Peter 2:19-25, which begins with our suffering, transitions into Christ’s suffering, and lands at the … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day 2014

I probably would’ve texted her between 1st and 2nd service, and maybe call her while everyone else was taking their Sunday afternoon naps.  We would’ve talked about the guy who wants to marry his computer.  She would talk about how … Continue reading

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Christians Aren’t Perfect, Just Forgiven (1 Peter 1:17-23)

Remember bumper stickers?  You’ve seen it.  Perhaps it’s on your bumper, next to Single ‘n’ Sassy.  Maybe Calvin is there, relieving himself on something… (remember those?) But we’re not here to talk about comic characters named after John Calvin (why did … Continue reading

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