YOU WON’T BELIEVE some of these Eye Catching Headlines! Number 7 made me shoot chocolate milk out of my left nostril…

…and I haven’t had any chocolate milk!

I am simply making an observation. We choose content because of the wow. Surprises makes us say wow. It’s no wonder, then, that our news feeds have titles like this. I think it’s funny. I’ve also taken the bait and clicked. Many times. And no, number 7 wasn’t that funny. Neither was number 28.

I figure — why not join the party? Maybe I can help by generating some eye catching titles, since we don’t really get excited about content. Here goes:

WOW! You won’t BELIEVE what this elephant did at the supermarket. We’ve all been there before.


GRANDMA never told us she was an acrobat! We found out by accident. You won’t BELIEVE what happens when she drinks strong pepto-bismol!


WATCH as this dog quotes Cicero!!! I couldn’t even stay mad at him!


Grandma didn’t tell us she could RAP! I couldn’t even stay mad at her!!


A tile salesman went to Home Depot. You won’t BELIEVE what happened next!!

Or … Well, you get it. Anyone else got one? I’m collecting these for the internets.

Plus, it’s fun. All in good fun. Culture!!

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