Train Tracks Teach

– Train tracks represent planned power.   Power unplanned, unrestrained, or unintentional, is always dangerous.  God’s power is not like this.  His power is very planned, very restrained, and very intentional.  Tracks  are planned.

– Train tracks take something someplace.  They denote a clear line between point A and point B.  God’s power takes us someplace else, and it’s His force that propels us on a certain path.

– Train tracks exist for the train.  No one puts in miles of train tracks as a decoration (except for those eccentric billionaires).  Track has a purpose beyond its own existence.

– Train tracks are humble.  They don’t mind getting run over by cars, bikes, feet.  Jesus is the humility and humiliation of God on our behalf.  They’re down low, not up high (excluding bridges, of course, like the bridge over Eastwood Ravine)


Remember? Eastwood Ravine? You may remember it as Shonash Ravine…

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