Bored (with Spiritual Formation)?

If you’re bored with life -you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things- you don’t have enough goals.

-Lou Holtz

In Coach Lou’s context, this might mean running or eating only egg whites or counting all the vowels in the word smorgasbord.  Or maybe he was talking about Spiritual Disciplines.  In fact, just for 50 words or so, let’s pretend he is.

Isn’t that our struggle?  We get familiar with God and boredom creeps in.  We need simple goals that will shape us.  Reading Philippians once a day.  The Old Testament in a year.  Praying for 20 minutes every day while you drink morning coffee.  Journaling.  Listening.  A standing appointment with the Maker of the Universe.  

I resonate.  Join me in the struggle.  Set some goals and wake up with a to-do list of Spiritual Discipline that will change everything about the trajectory of the day.