Artist: M. Davidson. Medium: Cardboard, Multidimensional.

My son is a very good artist.  Intimidatingly so.  He’s so good, he makes my stick figures look like stick figures.  Before I knew Malachi the artist (he got here around age 5), my stick figures looked like people.  What I’m trying to say is this: At 7, he’s a better artist than I ever will be.  He has spent the last 3 hours coloring in a TV show on a cardboard box. It looks like a good show indeed. He’s so committed to his craft that the whole house smells like a Sharpie marker. It’s awesome.

He’s a very, very, very good artist.

I showed him the above sentences and he said “thank you”

Here, in his own typed words, is the artist — no edits by me:


whatever you do dont listen to him !


Oh, Malachi.  You so silly.  

Keep drawing the stuff in your head.  I love it.