Sunrise (Spiritual Life Retreat version)

The sunrise at Somerset Camp was overwhelming this morning.  Earthclouds formed on the archery range, severely backlit by the genuine luminosity of an eye-burning kind.  As I walked East, toward the tops of clouds and into the light, I wondered for a minute if I was “headed home” — as they say at the ol’ hymn sing — but then  I tripped over a branch and came back for a while.  Ah.  It’s very good to (still) be here.

I drank hot coffee from the Douwe Egberts machine and considered how much we take for granted.  Brewed coffee, for example.  The kind where hot water pours over coffee grounds like culinary matrimony, which is quite different from mass produced test-tube astronaut brownwater that comes from concentrate.  It’s like Dippin’ Dots ice cream: not the future, as we had hoped, but an option for the future. I dare not complain, lest they read this and take away my Douwe Egbert privileges.  I’m drinking it because it’s coffee and it’s not too bad.  And it surely beats the alternative, which, given what I have available to me at the moment, is to pour hot water in the cupholder of my truck, stir, and drink.  The cupholders are full of coffee drips of the past, see, and, when they mix… well, then you’ve got Douwe Egbert.  No more yawning for this guy!

The camper I’m living in during these 24 hours — the Speaker Trailer — is fully equipped.  RV Refrigerator. RV stove.  RV microwave.  RV dining table that converts into an RV bed for RV sized people, which I am not.  I slept on the full size bed, diagonally.

Until then, it’s hanging out, living it up, praying it up, listening it up, speaking it up.  It’s Spiritual Life Retreat.  Everybody take a breath.  Everybody relax.  Everybody lean on Jesus.  It’s time to retreat and to let His created and glorious sunlight shine in through your created eyes and to pierce the inside of the back of your created head, and to get just a taste of what heaven is — marked by many things, all secondary to the most important of all: His Lordship.

And we must remember: the coffee in heaven will be outstanding.

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