Post-Traditonal, Post-Willow, Post-Empire, Post-Post-Modern

I came across this fine article by Russell Blanchard Smith that talks about ministry in this post-post-modern age.  This is a time of great hope as the church has the opportunity to wake up to its unique identity, shaped by her architect, Jesus.  Generally speaking, the past 20 years of many evangelical ministries has been a product of learning and mimicking existing models of success and buying their share of the franchise.  Today, the culture has more freedom and ability to self-express than ever before.  Unique design isn’t wierd anymore — It has become a virtue.  People are Do It Yourself’ing left and right, broadcasting with a wide reach, and finding affinity with others who do the same.  What does this individual slash communal design motif do to the function of the church?  What should it do?  What could it do?  What might God do?  

As I read this, I get pretty excited about what God could do at Portage Free Methodist as we continue to expand the vision of spiritual formation as discipleship.  At the end of the day, it is Jesus who builds His church. I want to be that church, therefore, I want Him to architect.

Here’s the 15 page pdf.  

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