Should Corporate Worship be Fun?

Sometimes I think so much about making sure God gets the glory that I forget that He wants His joy to be our strength.  This means that God’s joy is something I should be seeking after, since God delights.  This quote from Bryan Chapell really grabbed my attention and even gave me a twinge of conviction: 

Some claim that our worship should be entirely doxological, only concerned for the glory of God.  But if God’s people have no delight in his glory and their worship stimulates none, then we reasonably question whether his glory has been rightly presented or perceived. 


If someone asked me if worship should be fun, I would likely say something like “worship is all about God and not about me.”  But… Chapell has challenged my blanket thinking on this one.  By the way, blanket thinking leads to blanket statements.  Blanket statements put out fires by taking the oxygen away.  Do I want to be that guy?  No.  Do I want to add to the consumer model of worship?  No.  As I ponder… worship that is entirely doxological leads to the conclusion that our lack of enjoyment means that our worship of God was good.  And that doesn’t make sense. 

“Did you enjoy church today?”





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