God as Creator / God as Dad

God has created everything.  Rocks and hills and curds and whey and spiders that accost tuffet dwellers.  God gets all the credit for creating and sustaining everything around us.  Most religions place a creator type at the top of the list, attributing the flow of life from that particular being or deity.  Christians affirm the creative nature of God, giving Him praise for the world around us, the heavens, and human beings that have been, to quote Psalms, “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

You call God “creator”.  Good.

But… do you call Him Dad?

John says that the Father (God) has lavished love on us (thrown about recklessly and in abundance) because — get this — we’re His kids.

Faith in the atoning sacrifice in Jesus means that we are now in right relationship with the Creator.  We are now in a different category than the rest of creation because we’re His sons and daughters.  We are spiritually born again.

Fun fact: this is why dogs and chaise lounges don’t become Christians.  God made the canine and the materials used to make the chair, but these don’t respond in the same way.  God says that humans are created in His image.  We lost that perfect relationship because of our sin.  We are different.  Our place as God’s kid was put on the “your call” list.  It’s up to us to respond.  Truth:  we are made to be God’s kids (who pet dogs while sitting on chaise lounges).

Yes, God is your creator.  That’s automatic.  He made you.  For God to become Dad, we say “yes” to His invitation to follow Jesus.  Oh — and he’s a good Dad who loves us like no one else can.   Jesus made a way to the Father.

This good news is for everyone.








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