Good Times in Southwest Michigan

Our first Sunday at Portage FMC was great — the people are so wonderful, welcoming, loving, and kind. The Lord was present as we worshiped together. I was so overcome by how wonderful everyone was that I thought “Oh, who needs an offering?” Thankfully, Pastor Kevin stepped in and saved the day. So *that’s* what it feels like for someone to save your bacon as a Lead Pastor. It’s a good feeling.

My office is flowing with Reeses, Altoids, LifeSavers, Balloons, Atomic Fire Jaw Breakers, and delicious coffee. I’m just about settled in, besides needing a few more bookshelves. Someone mentioned getting a Kindle. I’ll pray about it.

I’ve had lunch at some pretty fantastic places, including some West Michigan favorites. Today included one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a while. Lunch tomorrow at someone’s house. Do I bring a dish to pass? Perhaps some Altoids.

I work with a great team at PFMC. I wondered what it would be like without the Ginny/Pat/Phyllis/Suzanna/Sue/Bonnie/Candy/Karen factor, but it would appear that everything is more than capably covered in the office zone. Christa has formed some kind of mysterious triad with Sue and Linda, a 3-in-1 functionality that reminds me of a doctrine I dare not malign. Mike reminds me of Marv, what with the management of a building both new and not so new, and Kevin is like a Sam/Aaron/Clint combination, but with considerably pointier hair.

I’m eating Wasabi Peanuts and watching Westnedge Ave. get chewed up by earth moving machines. A checklist of questions and meetings to be had keeps my desk the right kind of messy, and the 1 hour commute gives me time to think and pray, since what I get to do is predicated on me being in right relationship with the Lord. His grace is more than enough; His mercy is overflowing; His calling is steep — but with His Power, the Church moves forward.

I miss my family in Spring Arbor. Like family, they never really stop being family. No, I don’t get to see them as much, but I do enjoy trying to keep up via Facebook, text, and the occasional phone conversation. I wonder if anyone is there, making coffee and smelling the humid sanctuary air.

I’m reading B.T. Roberts book “Fishers of Men”. Our Free Methodist founder had a few things to say about repentance, holiness, and even a few chapters on preaching. Insight that is good and old both. I feel connected to history and excited about the future here in Portage.

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