First Day

I thoroughly enjoyed (really) a long commute to Portage today, having grown accustomed to a quarter-mile commute to the Spring Arbor church for so long. It gave me a taste of the daily grind (for example, I-94) that so many people face each day. Drivers with Illinois plates seem to keep traffic moving right along — this much is true.

I met Sue and got to know her as a person who appreciates office furniture symmetry, had lunch with Pastor Kevin, who showed me a West Michigan favorite, met some of the PFMC family, and moved boxes around. I was greeted warmly with a gift pack of favorite treats, which included some Starbucks grounds which were used to make my first pot of office coffee. It was strong and true.

I had the odd experience of packing up my SAFMC office this evening. Odd because everything there is now in the post-Adam phase… as it should be. I thought “it’s Monday – I need to build the service order.” No…wait. That’s covered. And I’m glad.

I already miss the banter of deep familiarity and partnership in ministry that I’ve known for the past six years. At the same time, I look forward to getting to know the PFM Church with great excitement! I have a growing sense that God is unraveling part of His great mystery in Portage, and that we get to be part of it. Praise Him indeed.

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