Thanks, Padre

Emily and I were all ready for a great evening in Ann Arbor.  A trip to the Apple Store to replace something old with something newer.  A quick bite to eat at an awesome downtown restaurant.  Then it happened.  We pulled into one of Ann Arbor’s many parking garages and BOOM.  No, we didn’t ram into anything.  The BOOM was the alternator (I think) deciding to quit um… alternating.  My first clue was that the radio turned off.  My second clue was that the window wouldn’t roll down.  My third clue was the voltmeter needle going down… down… down.

This posed a problem.

We’re in Ann Arbor.  And the voltmeter was on L, which doesn’t mean “Look, everything is okay!”  L means “Look for the nearest Ford Dealer!”

And that’s when I turned around and called Dad.  He gladly threw a few things on (thanks for that) and met Emily and I at the nearest Ford Dealer ($).  He took us home.  But first… dinner.  He likes Qudoba.  He would’ve loved it if they had been more generous with the ground beef, but, as Emily and I said, it’s been better.

Thanks, Padre.  You saved the day.  Now, just tell your dealer pals not to try and upsell me on blinker fluid or muffler bearings… because I already got them changed last week*.



*this is a joke.  I realize there are no muffler bearings. **

** or blinker fluid.

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