Say Yah to da UP, eh?

I just came across an Onionesque news report about the Upper Peninsula considering becoming its own state.  My second favorite line in the article:

The idea is nothing new. Efforts to pass legislation to form a new state reportedly failed by a single vote in 1975.

Can anyone confirm this?  Does anyone remember that the UP was only one vote away from becoming its own state?  Had I known that, I would not have said all that stuff at the Denny’s in Marquette.

I distinctly remember being in the UP with my friend Brian one summer and thinking “this is most certainly Canada.”  I thought the same thing when I took a trip up there a few years back.  I thought “this is most certainly Canada.”  As it turns out, we were indeed in Canada.  That was a confusing vacation.

But my favorite line in the article is:

“The likelihood of it happening? I don’t know. But I think, privately, a lot of private citizens say, ‘Yay team. Let’s do this. It’s long overdue.’”

They already have a slogan!  “Yay team.  Let’s do this.  It’s long overdue.”  I don’t mind pointing out that this is only a few multisyllabic prepositions from becoming the new state motto.

What do we call it?  North Michigan?  South Canada?  Alaska II?  Hawaii Peninsula?   Minnesota Handle? Does the lower peninsula then become South Michigan?  Does that mean that we will now be in the south?  I have one friend that would be very upset by this, since he was from the deep south (Columbus, OH) and went to school in Michigan.

If nothing else, this would ease the tension of representing the Upper Peninsula with the “map” of our left hand, which is awkward at best.

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1 Response to Say Yah to da UP, eh?

  1. mrscomfortable says:

    Hey! Don’t be giving our handle to Minnesota! That belongs to Wisconsin. You know, when we moved here, people would be talking about Michigan and in our minds, we were thinking “Mitten.” They always were thinking UP. Strange breed of folk over here. They actually just call it “the UP” like they own it already. Like it’s part of WI and not MI. Well, we have thought many times that they are a bit up-side-down… You know W…M… chuckle chuckle. but that handle belongs to WI, dernit. So many Wisconsinites speak yooper anyway… Might as well… ya knowww… give it ta dem.

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