Why I Love the University of Michigan

Two of our kids have had surgery there.  In one case, it was one of those specialty surgeries that you can’t have done at your local Mom & Pop Hospital.  By the way, if you go to a Mom & Pop hospital, may I suggest the University of Michigan Hospitals.  I have a U of M primary care physician, an experience that has always been worth the drive from Jackson to Ann Arbor.  Yesterday’s appointment, made after 2 weeks of a cold that would not quit, was another perfect example.

I sat down on the exam table and told my story.  “It’s probably acute sinusitus, requiring a 10 day run of your favorite decongestant.  I’m sorry to say that any antibiotic that ends with “illin” won’t work.  I’ve responded well to Biaxin.”  I don’t want to come across as a know-it-all, Web MD reading, doctor wanna be, but I learned from my Mom that you can save a lot of time if you give your account right up front.  Every time I’ve done this in the past 10 years, the physician has said something along the lines of “okee dokee.”  Sometimes they push back with the Z-pak, but that doesn’t work with me, either.  I wish it did.  Such cool packaging.

After my Dx and suggested Rx, the Doctor looked at me, puzzled.  She said “Oh, I can’t give you Biaxin.  I was just down in New Orleans listening to new research concerning some pretty serious side effects.  That report will be out soon.”  I didn’t ask her at the time, but according to a google search later on, she may have saved me from any number of uh… events.

Praise God for chemistry and doctors who know what to do with it.

And how about that U of M?


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3 Responses to Why I Love the University of Michigan

  1. Vern Hettinger says:

    AMEN!!! to your next to the last sentence on your April 27 posting!

  2. sara luke says:

    With the exception of our dentist, all of our docs are U of M, too . . . definitely worth every extra penny of gas money.

    Also, the hospital room service has the most amazing chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted. Almost enough to make me consider having a fourth child just to be admitted again. Almost.

  3. Jon Davidson says:

    By the way, how DO you get permission?

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