Zac Transcript

Zac (3) seems to be speaking in Haiku this morning. He speaks an odd paragraph and then pauses to collect himself for a few moments. There is no space between sentences, just between bigger chunks of ideas, represented by the (——-). I’m going to type everything he says while he finishes his breakfast. This is pure transcript, with my occasional spoken interjections to either provide response or request clarity. I want to get it recorded just in case we find out later that it’s some kind of wisdom literature.


When Uncle Mike was little
I was there
And he was a skeleton who got hurt
But the skeleton was a good guy.


Is that your leg?
Is it good to you?


When we go outside
When we get sleds
When we slide downstairs.
That’s my favorite thing to… those are the zeros.


I’m not Zac. I’m jammies. Hi. I’m jammies. (Pulls jammies up over his head, then back down)
Oh, sorry. I’m not jammies. I’m just Zac.


Daddy, Hi. Hi Daddy. (Hi, Zac).
Gotta wait. I was saying Hi.
You’re not saying what I said to you.
Daddy, you funny.


You don’t be silly. You’re reading your bible.
Your bible is about Jesus.
You’re reading about Jesus.
Jesus rode on a shark.


It was saying I was a shay.
Look – the stairs. The steps.
Daddy? Are those stairs that we don’t slide down?
I’m creatures.
There’s a creatures.
Hi, I’m a creatures.
I’m Tory.
But I’m not Tory.

(Zac, can you eat more of your cereal?)
Yes, I can. But it’s done.
You don’t eat bad cereal, you eat good cereal.
(is that bad cereal?)
No, it’s good cereal. But it’s done.


He made Jesus, just like he made me.


Once upon a time, Elmo was in the door.
And he saw a megamind and Miss richie and minion.
He saw them. And he was… and Bert saw flowers with Elmo and he talks to Elmo.
And Elmo say “Hi” and Bert looks with him. Another Bert looks with him.
A other Bert looks with him… Daddy, we’re all looking.


Daddy, you be a door and I’ll be a bear pearacter (character?)
Can you sing I am Micky Mouse and say I am a deck robot?
Say “I’m a tin tin robot?” Do what your teacher said, Daddy.
Hi, I’m Dorie. Do do do do do do do do.
(pokes self in eye).


End transcript.

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