Holiday Coffee

Someone gave me a pound of holiday coffee. It tastes like reindeer and cinnamon. I’m glad to be able to sit at our table and watch out my window, drinking coffee and watching the snow fall. I’m noticing again that snow delays under tree accumulation until the very last minute.

If you live in Michigan, you know that, when it comes to snowfall totals, we’ve gotten the very short and unseasonably warm end of the stick this season. On one hand, holiday travel has been a breeze on dry, warm roads. On the other hand, I put a bunch of used wrapping paper in the garbage can and didn’t even need a coat. On the third hand, I need a coat with three sleeves. Blame global warming. Blame El Nino. Blame Al Gore. But don’t blame me.

Instead, drink holiday coffee. It seems to be working at my house.

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