In Other News, Mark Driscoll is Starting His Own Cooking Show

Mark Driscoll is in early pre-production with the Hallmark Channel to team up with Emeril Lagasse in producing a new show called Predestined Chef. This development arises only days after online sources indicated that Rob Bell would be creating a television show loosely based on his own life, which Driscoll says is pure coincidence. “Emeril and I have been talking for a long time about what it would be like for the both of us to work in the kitchen and to put it on TV, and I don’t even know Rob Bell personally.” Links on Driscoll’s new site ( have been posted, removed, posted again, and removed, as if the posting regarding Predestined Chef wasn’t actually truly posted in the first place.
Driscoll was in between takes in his Hallmark channel studio and remarked, “I’m sure Rob Bell is a nice guy, but, like a lot of other people, I’m pretty distressed about the ending of LOST. But I’m sure this turkey casserole is going to turn out fabulous, so I’m not worried.” Chef Emeril added “BAM”, the two let out a hearty unison laugh.

Predestined Chef begins next week and has chosen the 8pm Tuesday slot.

We were unable to reach Rob Bell for comment.

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