Rob Bell TV Show

I just caught the news that Rob Bell, of Mars Hill Church/Grand Rapids fame, is working with one of the creators of LOST to create a Television series based on his life. The show has a working title, too: Stronger. I listened to the announcement he gave at Mars Hill last Sunday, and he did mention that the next phase of his work would require him to be based in Los Angeles. I’m interested in seeing where this goes and what a show like this will look like following the Modern Family slot, since ABC has bought the rights to produce it.

I’m working on a paper for a class that looks at Christ-Centered Worship and will be using some of Rob’s work as a source, so I’m following closely.

You can read the Christianity Today article here.

I have no idea what to think. It’s so overwhelming, kind of like finding out that the Detroit Lions are good. To paraphrase triple rainbow guy: what does this mean?

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