Question: Which Son Obeyed?

I walked up to Malachi and asked him to go out to the back yard and pick up sticks and toss them into the burn pile. He said “okay, Daddy”, and then proceeded to go into his room and read a book about dump trucks.

I then walked up to Zachary and said “Zac, go out to the back yard and pick up sticks and toss them into the burn pile.” He said “NO!” and then ran into the kitchen and got himself something to eat. While he consumed a few grapes, he thought more about what I asked him, and promptly went out and began putting sticks in the burn pile. Meanwhile, Malachi was still upstairs, quietly reading his book.

Question: which son obeyed?

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1 Response to Question: Which Son Obeyed?

  1. Renee Drew says:

    Neither of them, technically. After his snack, Zac found something to do, which, coincidentally, happened to be picking up sticks. Mac chose not to pick up any sticks, but opted for an activity that is actively encouraged. Clever kids you’ve got there, Adam.

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