Jeep JK-8 Conversion Kit

Not since the last run of the Comanche circa 1992 has a Jeep enthusiast been able to buy a pickup Jeep. It’s now possible to buy a Wrangler and then buy a conversion kit to turn it into a pickup. Like most Jeep accessories, the price is such that you’ll need to open a line of credit and then hide it from your wife. Of course I’m kidding! That never happens!

Let me add this up, just so I feel like we’re all on the same page:

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: $25,545
Conversion Kit: $5,995
Tax: $1,892
Total Before Dealer Incentive: $33,432
Dealer Incentive: $I need to check with our sales manager
You: What?
Dealer Incentive: $Well, the conversion kit has to be shipped from another state…
You: Okay
Dealer Incentive: $o it’s $ettled! You agree! Shipping is 400%
You: 400% of what? The deal we made?
Dealer Incentive: No, 400% of MSRP!
You: Can I have my signature back?

This fictional account is just that: a fictional account. However, it just goes to show you how long it will take me to save my pennies and get a Jeep JK and her glorious conversion kit. Besides, just because it costs money doesn’t mean I don’t want one! Then again, utilities are kinda cool to have around the house.

I might be better off to juxtapose the JK-8 to the Jeep Scrambler CJ-8. In this case, you truly have a Wrangler/Renegade front and a pickup rear. Behold:

The only jeep that requires Thompson's Water Seal

You can pick up one of these babies for around $10K. If carburetors aren’t your thing, you could easily toss a new engine in for $2K, and, while you’re at it, toss in a new transmission, transfer case, drive shafts, etc. You’ll still be one step ahead of those expensive conversion kits. Plus, you’ll get really good at applying and re-applying Bondo.

One factor that must be considered is that of child seats. You may be comfortable behind the wheel of your Scrambler, but where does the family sit? In the back? What is this, South Carolina?!? Friend, you need the CJ8 conversion kit, available in only 43 of our 50 states. See below:

and this one's for sale

That conversion kit might set you back a bit, but that way, you’ll be able to make everyone comfortable. Take it from the children’s allowance. What? You don’t pay them enough? Then give them a raise! Do I need to figure out all of your parenting for you? $200/wk per child will suffice.

We had a Jeep Wrangler for a while, which made a lot of sense, provided you could just not consider finances. Oh, I miss it. And I fully understand why someone would put down the big bucks to get into Jeepin’, but that’s outside my reachin’ right now. I’d like to think that streets paved with gold will be no problem for my JK-8, where environmentalists will finally be at peace and gas prices will be $0. And 0/10ths. Oh. Happy day.

r adam davidson once rode in a Jeep Scrambler that someone drove into a lake, making him jump out and get his shoes wet.

Discussion for Small Groups:
1. Talk about a time where you heard someone refer to a vehicle as a “Jeep” when it wasn’t: Suzuik Sidekick, Ford Explorer, etc.

2. Think about how sad it is that sometimes people don’t ever let their Jeep see mud, which is certainly their natural habitat. Talk about how you would trade even your newer Chevy Malibu for your neighbor’s diamond-plated, freshly waxed YJ, followed by detailed descriptions about how you would destroy it.

3. Remember what kind of flowers your wife likes? Yeah. That’ll come in handy.

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