Gold: the New Bling

With the monetary crisis in both the United States and Europe, all those pirates are really saying “I told you so, arrrrr!” All those places that set up shop in the strip mall to pay top dollar for your gold are now wearing your watches, thank you. The idea? Return to the “gold standard” as a replacement for other currencies like, say, the American dollar. If gold becomes the new international monetary standard, what happens to…

  • The Dollar Menu at your favorite and/or most convenient fast food joint? Will we be paying 2 bits to get a double cheeseburger?
  • Family Dollar ? Is it now Family Gold Shavings Equaling What We Knew as a Dollar? That’s too long for most marquees.
  • The Olympics? Will we give the bronze, silver and dollar medals?
  • Sayings like “that fella is a day late and 1/7th of an ounce short” or “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today, so long as I can find a place that will exchange these worthless dollar bills for gold coins”?
  • I am simply raising important questions that deserve answers.

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