Red Cross

We spent some time making a video at the American Red Cross today, hoping to draw* attention to the needs of humans for more human blood, whenever and wherever that need should arise. From what they tell us, one pint saves three lives. Talk about a good return.

It reminded me of Malachi’s cranial surgery, where we were warned that there was a good chance he would need a pint because of the extent of the incision. He ended up doing fine and not needing a transfusion, but that little factoid strongly exists in my mind every once in a while, an odd reminder of just how big a deal the surgery was. When someone says, in essence, that your son might bleed out so much that he will need somebody else’s donated blood, it latches your attention and doesn’t easily let go. Ever.

We can “make” synthetic motor oil. We can “create” butter and call it margarine, its principal ingredient being synthetic oil. But there’s no real way to just stir up some blood. Science is great and all, but Star Trek… we aren’t.

A big thanks to the staff and volunteers of the American Red Cross for harvesting** human blood and getting it to the right people. Nothing can replace what you do. Not until the Enterprise travels at warp speed.

*Get it? Draw? Blood? Ha!
** “Harvesting” makes it sound like zombies are involved. Discuss.

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1 Response to Red Cross

  1. ken says:

    Adam thanks for reminding of your story, that really makes me think about if they needed any donated blood during my surgery. Either way I will definately donate once I am fully healed

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