One Syllable

He’s 1.8 years old and he utters one syllable exclamations. Quite a bit, actually. I ran a tally of what baby Zach exclaimed about this weekend, offering a close English translation:

– SHOO (Father, I wish to wear my shoes. Please help me in this endeavor)
– SHOO! (Mother, it would appear that Father did not tie one of my shoes to the industry standard tightness. Please observe).
– HEP (Father, Mother told me to come to you and get help to remedy this shoe situation, please advise).
– TREE! (Behold! A tree!)
– TRACTUH (Behold! A tractor!)
– BABEE (Would either of you perchance know of the location of my doll?)
– BABEE! (I am serious! Please find my doll!)
BABEE! (As you can see, I have reached a level of despair that most people save for a deceased family pet! Please advise.)

It is at that point that Baby Zach was placed in his sleeping quarters. Mommy and Daddy are thankful for CRIB and NUH NIGHT.

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