Columbus Day

It was on this day that Columbus Sailed the Ocean blue. Not this day but 1492. That may be news to you, but it’s true through and through.

Someone might ask “that’s all well and good, and kudos to Mr. Columbus, but how in the world do I celebrate this momentous occasion?” Great question! What a bright young man (woman) you are! Here are some RadBlog ideas for celebrating Columbus Day:

  • Find an ocean blue and sail it.
  • Pretend that it’s 1492 and insist that everyone is “unclean”.
  • Help your mail carrier by delivering mail on their behalf today, but insist on keeping all birthday cards that appear to contain cash.
  • Watch an episode of Columbo, since that’s about as close as you’ll get to watching Columbus, which made it to pilot but never aired. I’m making that up. The great thing about Columbo is that he’s the last one to figure out the case, which makes you feel very smart. At least as smart as Christopher Columbus. Full circle!
  • Happy Columbus Day to all!

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