Max Power

I know of someone who wants to be Homer Simpson for Halloween, so the search begins for the following:

  • White shirt. Short sleeved and reminiscent of polo but not necessarily polo.
  • Blue pants. And not blue jeans — actual blue pants that are the color of blueberry slushy.
  • Bald cap. Not all of us need to fake baldness. Me, for example.
  • For better or worse, the Simpsons has endured the test of time and has won the award for “America’s Longest-Lasting Show about a Family Named the Simpsons” ™ (c). I believe that there are other awards that have been given, too. Will The Simpsons end up like the TV show “Friends”, stuck in a vortex of syndication while keeping independent UHF channels afloat?

    Yeah. Probably.

    Let’s just say this: no one I know is looking for a Ross costume online.

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