Best Pickup Truck?

Having grown up in Metro-Detroit (Garden City and Westland, MI), the big three still mean something to me, mostly because it’s in my DNA. That’s right: if you were to closely examine any double helix of mine, you’d most certainly see Chrysler, GM and Ford particles.
It’s a serious medical condition that most insurances won’t cover.

Right now I drive a Jeep — brought to you by Chrysler/AMC. Emily drives a Ford Expedition (4 gallons per mile) and our kids all have Chevy’s. Wait. The last part isn’t accurate. But the first and second are true. Quite true.

ANYWAY, I like the idea of pitting the big three’s pickups against each other. My bent is toward the Ram pickup (formerly known as the “Dodge Ram” or “T300” or “Father McGrady’s Christmas Miracle”. Wait. The last part isn’t accurate. But it is true that my Uncle Jon works at Chrysler, and there’s something to be said about brand loyalty and how it relates to the general feel of family reunions. The Ram truck is pretty fantastic. It’s also pretty expensive. You see, I’m in a position where I can’t spend more than, oh, two grand on a used car. Less than 2K would be best. Find me a Ram truck that’s not falling apart, bondo’d with macaroni and powered by a wood engine and I’m there.
That being said, I also have a bent toward Ford F150’s. Why? So many on the road equals so very cheap. Especially the ones with wood engines.

All that to say this: The Detroit News ran an article today where Ford, Chevy, GMC and Ram all face off. The writer comes to some conclusions that are good if not a little too balanced. In the end, every truck wins because every truck is special. Just like you and me. I read it with great delight and felt pretty good about myself afterward. Perhaps you might, too.

I also came across an article that talks about the top cars for thieves, not to get away in but to steal. It’s why car thieves love ’94 Honda Accords.

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