Fog Soup

I drove through a thick fog to the studio this morning. No, it’s not a metaphorical fog, the kind that comes from too much cough syrup. I mean a literal fog, where your headlights illuminate suspended particles of water vapor and not the road ahead. It was quite thick, as if, as the old saying goes, driving through soup.

So I started thinking about soup.

Bean soup. Now that’s some good stuff. Like many things in my life, bean soup is really just a vehicle for bacon. The best bean soup has many a chunk of bacon. I would liken bean soup to lucky charms, where beans equal oats and bacon equals charms. Lucky ones, too.
In South Central Michigan, where I live, we’re about to be entering into a long season of bean soup weather, also known as “wet bacon season”, though that’s not catching on as much as I would have liked.

Tomato Soup. It truly lives up to its name. Soup. Tomato flavored. When I was a kid, a happy moment was when a can of Campbells ™ brand Tomato Soup was de-lidded and poured into a sauce pan (we didn’t have a microwave until I was like 9). Today, tomato soup is less soup and more dip, at least for me and my grilled cheese sandwiches. From what I understand, tomato soup is caustic enough to get rid of skunk musk. So that’s probably good for you to be ingesting.

Chili. Is there a more perfect food? I’m not sure. And I won’t give any time to trying to figure out if there’s anything better. While some don’t see it as a soup, I do — it has all the classic markings of a good soup. Large pot. Ladle. Bowl. Crackers. Warm, though ironically named. It’s soup. Admit it.

Where do we get the phrase “this fog is as thick as soup”? Is there such a thing as fog soup? Would it just taste like water vapor?

If we have London Fog, do we have London Soup?

Can you put oyster crackers on fog?

If I tried to drive through soup, would my fuel injection system be harmed?

If a fly is buzzing through fog, is that a version of the old joke “Waiter! What’s this fly doing in my soup?” Answer: The backstroke.

These are my thoughts while driving to work this morning. Maybe when I’m driving, I should just focus on driving.

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