Should Happy Meals come with toys? “They SHOULD come with toys” reports Malachi, age 4. “Because that’s how McDonals does it – they give us toys in our Happy Meals.”

Do Happy Meals make you happy? “Uh huh” says Malachi, age 4, “because they’re happy.”

What are Chicken McNuggets made out of? “Chicken” exclaimed the child. “And nugget”

Isn’t ‘nugget’ more of a shape, son? “No, Daddy. Square is a shape.”

I guess they’ve done it again and raised another generation to seek happiness in a begoldened arched box that contans a meaty substance, potato base, Yellow #3 and a dash of phenobarbital. And that’s just the toy. This makes Malachi and countless other children “happy”, or, at least, defines it for them.

I asked my son about toys in happy meals becuase they’re considering the implementation of a law that would ban toys in kid’s meals unless the food is healthier. They think that kids might be drawn to the meal because of the toy, but I think that its partly because they like the food too; otherwise only children would eat there while adutls graudate to a more grown-up restaurant like Applebees or Del Taco.

I think that apples are good. I think that fries are awesome. I can get an apple from my grocer’s produce section, even though they may start putting apples in happy meals. The fries I get from my grocer’s freezer never turn out like McDonalds fries, though. So, I say, keep or lose the toy; it’s fine. But please, for the love of TransFats, don’t stop making fries. Consumers know where to get apples. They know where to get fries. They even know where to get toys. Just don’t stop making those fries.

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