Doughnut Burgers

Thanks to USA Today, I now know that one of the biggest hits of the 2010 county fair season is Doughnut Burgers. It is as it sounds, a beef hamburger patty placed between two Krispy Kreme donuts. This invention raises several questions in my heart (which is crying because its arteries are about to get clogged):

1. Do you add classic condiments like lettuce, mustard or onion?

2. Can you get other kinds of donuts to use as a “bun”, like a Bavarian Kreme or perhaps a jelly-filled?

3. Are paramedics nearby?

Would I try a Doughnut Burger? Yes’m. I’m all about things that are separately delicious being combined to become a surprisingly new combination of glorious flavor. Example: jelly beans and salted peanuts. Absolutely perfect together. Whoda thunk? Another example: at IKEA, they sell these meatballs that are, in every sense of the phrase, Sweedishly Perfect. These meatballs (or, as they call them at IKEA, meatenspheres) are joined with some kind of tart jelly that you would never eat with these things on purpose. Try it. It’s good. Unexpectedly so.
All that to say this: yes, I would try a Doughnut burger, though I may not eat the whole thing if that’s OK.

Dennis Reas is quoted in the article as a licensed (probably) provider of Doughnut Burgers. He says:

“You just have to have something new to keep people entertained,” said Reas, 53, as fair visitors circled his stands around lunchtime. “Every year we try to come up with something new.”

No problem, Dennis. Here are my ideas for the already approaching 2011 county fair season:

1. Deep Fried Deep Fried. Why not take what people like –deep fried– and deep fry it?

2. Slim Fast, mixed with Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby. Blended, not stirred. Ice cream, hold the guilt.

3. Doughnut Burgers, deep fried. Chased with a SlimFastChubbyHubby.

Patent pending, Dennis.

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