Vacation: Mission Accomplished

There’s nothing like a 2 week vacation to clear your head and restore simplicity. Having been disconnected both from day-to-day life as well as interwebbing has given me a better sense of God’s presence, a deeper love for my wife and children and an additional 10 pounds. The first two are great; the third might be counted as great when you consider that it’s because we ate some pretty fantastic food. All in all, a good time. Adrenaline levels near zero. Normal life was actually starting to become something I missed, which is always a good sign that you’ve been away for the required minimum to deem it a true vacation.

Now, back to the day to day. I’ve noticed that it takes 3 or 4 days to slow down AND 3 or 4 days to pick back up. I’ll be honest – I was having a hard time finding the needed energy for leading on Sunday morning. Adrenaline level still near 0. Just wanted to drive to Panera and eat one of those whaddyacallum everything. But thanks be to God, a good vacation also seems to leave one more open to admitting the truth about oneself. It’s Monday, the first day back to total normal, and I feel like I’m coasting on fumes as the day wraps up. This used to worry me. Because of the vacation and refreshment therein, I now say “eh, that’s all I’ve got for today: tomorrow affords new opportunity.” I then take a swig of Cherry Coke Zero and go home to hug the children. Adrenaline level 2. Joy level 10.

It was good to be gone.

It’s good to be back.

Vacation: Mission Accomplished.
(As if George Bush himself is standing proud in his Fighter Jet suit while floating in an undisclosed location atop a aircraft carrier.)

Incidentally, I was really happy with how it turned out. So… would you be so kind as to watch a Home.FM docusode, featuring Radio’s Ben Barnes? (Oops — I mean)

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