Philosophy for Dummies

I like the For Dummies line of books that teach you and I about this and that. I can especially relate to this particular book I just bought yesterday called Philosophy for Dummies. This concerns me. It would be like enjoying a book on Gardening, only to discover when you’re done reading that the whole title is actually Gardening…FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE AMBIVALENT TOWARD BETTY WHITE. Shocked and perplexed, you think to yourself “But I appreciate the work of Betty White and eagerly anticipate her hosting of Saturday Night Live! This book isn’t me, is it?”
If so, then why did you enjoy it so much, friend?
And so it goes for me. The book is called Philosophy…for Dummies. And I like the book. Therefore…
See what I mean?

Anyway, I bought the book from a certain Schuler Books & Music in a certain town called Okemos, MI. I paid a certain $19.99 plus a certain sales tax. This morning, as I’m doing my radio chores, I look the book up on Amazon and realize that I really am a dummy and could have bought the book for $6.83 with free shipping.
Oh well. At least I got to “browse” a local corporate bookstore and hear an author’s discourse on the flying monks of Calcutta (or something).

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