LOST and Ann Arbor

Of all the clues, thick plot developments and the “hey — wha’ happened?” moments on LOST, I do enjoy a good Ann Arbor, MI mention. Ann Arbor is only 45 minutes away from my house, so I’m cool by proxy. It’s been mentioned a few times, since the DHARMA gang finds their genesis — and scores their funding — through the University of Michigan (fictionally) (we think). If memory recalls, one scene looked something like this:

actor: Hey, are you going back to Ann Arbor? Also, there’s a smoke monster on the island.
different actor: There’s smoke in Ann Arbor, too, but it’s not from a monster. They have this “bash”, if you will, that…
locke: I can move my legs.
different actor: Then you should go to Ann Arbor.

I’m not sure if I’m getting this right. I don’t have the gift of transcript. But I do have the gift of internet (thanks, Comcast) (for nothing). So here‘s a link to an article that showed up in the Detroit Free Press on this very day. It focuses on the Ann Arbor ties within LOST. And according to the ads on the sidebar, your dentist has been lying to you about teeth whitening. Shame on him or her.

The final season of LOST premiers Tuesday night on ABC. Check local listings.

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