Preschool: It’s a Good Thing

According to a report I came across in the Detroit News, it turns out that children who attend preschool save the state of Michigan big bucks.

The savings are realized because children who attend preschool are less likely to repeat grades and require extra academic services, and they are less likely to end up in the juvenile justice system or adult prisons, according to the report.

From The Detroit News:–State-preschool-programs-save-millions-in-the-long-run#ixzz0de6m6xHM

It’s a good thing our kids are (or will be) preschooified. Lexi went, Malachi is going, Zach will go. In fact, I don’t remember even once having Malachi in juvy, except for that time we did that whole “scared straight” thing in his 3 year old class. And that was for only one afternoon.

I went to preschool’s to, and I turned out grate.


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