State of the Union to Pre-empt LOST?

Could it be? According to an article in the Washington Post, it would appear that the President’s State O’ the Union Address to the nation might pre-empt the season open of LOST on ABC. Could it be? If so, this would be bad. Very bad. And confusing. Some people may think that Mr. Obama was on flight 815; others will believe that the Democrats are having their convention by the giant foot, etc. People are already tweeting their hearts:

Sample tweets:

• “This wouldn’t be possible if Jack Shephard was President.”

• “Grab your pitchforks, Lost fans!”

• “Jacob wants us to move the White House.”

• “It’s the state of John Locke which confuses me most.”

It’ll be ok. I keep telling myself it’ll be ok. It’s not like ABC would let the premiere of the last season of LOST be, well, lost, would they?

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