Nexus 1, Yankees 0

Is the new Google phone going to blow the iPhone out of the water? Probably not. But it does have one thing going for it — open service. This means that you’re not permanently attached to AT&T’s network, which is getting a lot of attention for the fact that it doesn’t seem to work that well. I have a friend, (no, not Him) who made his iPhone work without AT&T’s knowabouts. While I have been questioned by AT&T, I most certainly did not divulge anything that would get him busted. Probably. I don’t remember now.

Here‘s a handy article in USA Today by a fellow who looks like Bruce Rhodes.

And here‘s a comparison by some other fellow.

I’m sticking with my iPhone, at least for now.

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1 Response to Nexus 1, Yankees 0

  1. alex says:

    I would love an iphone, but I don’t like ATT. I’m happy with verizon but I could use a sweet smartphone

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