Book Slice: A Comedian’s Guide to Theology

I’m reading A Comedian’s Guide to Theology by Thor Ramsey. Ramsey is an amalgam of comedian and theologian, and the results are hilarious (in a very thoughtful way). Clint gave me the book with a wink and a nudge. So far, it’s great. Opening line:

If you care about the Truth at all, then you should buy this book, because the truth is, I need the money.

Besides the zingers (which I truly appreciate), it’s chock full of information regarding the Emerging Church, the Emergent Church, the Church Emergent and the E-Church-ent(tm) movement, headed by someone who is all the denominations in one*. His commentary is balanced, (yes, funny) and true. He says that we should read everything Rob Bell writes, with which I agree, but that we must weigh out what he says against the basic beliefs of the Church, with which I also agree.

Read it. Read it all and laugh. And be enlightened. And be entertained. And be home for dinner.

*Brian McLaren. Also, Tony Danza.

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1 Response to Book Slice: A Comedian’s Guide to Theology

  1. Clint says:

    Glad you like it, bro. I’m looking forward to his next book. Supposedly he is working on a trilogy.

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