Zhu Zhu Galore

If you’re a parent like me, then at least two things are true:

1. You have kids.
2. They have certain ideas about what they want for Christmas, and it’s going to cost you.

Emily and I have three kids, though none of them have been indoctrinated yet by the Zhu Zhu craze. If you haven’t yet heard, Zhu Zhu is a robotic hamster that does what most other hamsters do and, according to the theme song, is “so much fun without the mess”. Self-propelled and chock full of 8K of artificial intelligence, It’s like a Roomba vacuum, but with more hair and less vacuuming. Perhaps this embedded YouTube video will explain:

And then again, perhaps it won’t explain. These things are going for upwards of $60 at Amazon.com and possibly even more at your favorite toy store. By the way, Amazon has made it clear in their description that, quote, “Mr. Squiggles is a modern-day Houdin”. I’m one of those uncool parents who doesn’t know what a previous day Houdin is, let alone a modern-day version, so I looked it up at Wikipedia and found that “Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin (December 7, 1805 – June 13, 1871) was a French magician. He is widely considered the father of the modern style of conjuring.”

No wonder the kids are going ga-ga over these Zhu Zhus!

As we all know, when kids lose self control and are overwhelmed with desire, the best thing a parent can do is match their enthusiasm and start pushing other parents.

I remember having an analog version of the Zhu Zhu, a hamster named “Egon”. He would crawl through tubes and stuff, but he would also defaecate on a regular basis, having no regard for the fact that he was no longer in his cage but rather crawling around the kitchen table. I miss everything but that. Oh. And the biting.

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