Cheerios vs. Oatey-O-Shaped Product

I’ve been eating a lot of cheerios; so many, in fact, that we’ve switched to the non-brand cereal as a way to save money.  Most every store sells their own version of Cheerios.  I have to wonder who comes up with the knockoff names for this stuff.  Cheerios ™ are now “Oatey-O-Shaped Product”, featuring a anthropomorphic dinosaur named, delightfully enough, Oatey.  In this new alternative, cents-saving economy of non-brand cereal that imitates the genuine, we now have cereal with names like:

– Superstitious Elements (Lucky Charms)

– FooledYou! (Trix)

– Frosty Flax, featuring Terry the Tigress (Frosted Flakes)

– Sweeping Compound of Granola (Honey Bunches of Oats)

That’s all I can think of right now.  The best part: Saving money.  The worst part: the taste.

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