From the Headlines:

  • Michigan Church Enlists Satan in Advertising Campaign. Satan says that a Non-denominational church in Trenton, MI makes him sick.  Next up, Santa Claus will be mad at Jesus for stealing all the glory at Christmastime.
  • According to this article, your tongue can do all kinds of cool stuff… all things that it probably shouldn’t do.  One example: driving.
  • Wireless electricity — where we charge our cell phones without physically plugging them in — may be right around the corner.  Also right around the corner — the smell of burning.
  • A bunch of students created a robotic fish that was at least <————————–>< this big.  The robot that got away.
  • If you’re looking for a great nickname for one of the kids, look no further. My nickname?  Adam “Ne’er do well” Davidson.  I like the apostrophe.