Thanks, Ronald. You’ve done it. You’ve become the only decent cup of coffee in the fair village of Sebewaing.

I am sitting in Ronald’s dining room right now, experiencing first hand what it is to taste decaf but smell McNuggets and McBeef McExtract.

This place could use a StarBucks or, at least, a Tim Hortons. If they bring in a Timmy Ho’s, please keep the donuts.

I say all of that as a setup for this: we are creatures of habit. It throws me off to not have commercialized brew at mu fingertips. It bugs me that I’m drinking RonaldJava instead of something, well, normal for me. I am already plotting where to put the Coffee place. It will go inside of the thumb area’s first Border’s Books – right here in Sebewaing.

I am spoiled. I’ve got it too good.
Maybe this is actually beneficial for me. Maybe it’s a good check on what I truly deem important.