New Interweb Browser: Google Chrome

I work at a certain radio station that uses that which is against all good: the Windows Operating system. As many people have said many times in many languages, Windows is great. Many more people (nearly 10% of the computing world) have said that Windows isn’t that great, so they’ve switched to a Mac. I’ll tell you one thing that’s great about the Macintosh OS — there is no Internet Explorer, only Safari.
Since we don’t use Macs in the Radio Station, I’m stuck using Microsoft Interweb Explorer, now in color. Day after day, crash after crash, tear after salty tear… this was my life.

Until I downloaded and installed Google Chrome.

Here is my review of Google Chrome:

It works. It actually works. Use it. It’s better than IE. It’s even (I can’t believe it) better than Firefox.

So, there you go. If you’re stuck in a windows world, use Google Chrome.

No, this is not a paid advertisement. If the folks at Google want to toss me a few, I’m ready. My hands are open. John Google, founder of Google, I’m talking to you.

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