Goings On

First off, please allow me to apologize for not updating as often as I should.

I apologize.
Thanks for allowing me to do this.  It’s been a busy few weeks, what with all the goings on and whatnot.  I was speaking at Family Camp, getting ready for Sunday, doing the morning show gig and, putting my kids in a lake.  We did this in random order, and I’m just now recovering from the whole ordeal.

I use the word “ordeal” to mean something good, not like when you go to a restaurant and they put parsley in your milkshake.  “The manager apologized and then offered us a voucher for free parsley!  What an ordeal!”  No, not like that.  More like a bunch of great things happeend and now my adrenal gland is just stepping off of the treadmill.  I don’t feel tired, but I do feel like it’s time to do what our cell phones do all the time, namely, sitting on a nightstand while plugged into the wall.

No, we don’t have a nightstand that would sustain me, nor do I have the kind of balance it would take to commit such an ordeal.  By the way, in this case, I am using the word ordeal in its most common usage, as though Emily would say “I walked in and saw Adam sitting on our nightstand, which I for one know was not designed for such a purpose.   I must have surprised him because he fell right off and went through a hole in the wall that he made 1 millisecond before falling, using mostly his body.  I know our walls were not designed for this, either.  What an ordeal!”

Today we will go to the park.  We will go to the trail.  We will mow the lawn, by which I mean that I will mow the lawn while Malachi covers his ears and watches from the deck.  I like to think that he’s learning how to mow, which will be a welcome addition to our family “staff needs”, if you catch my drift and he is reading this 10 years from now.  Please, son.  Mow the lawn for your old man.  He’s been through quite an ordeal.

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