Saturday Morning Post (1 Day Late -04.19.09)

First of all, let me apologize for my lateness on this post. It is most certainly a mix of mine and other people’s fault; mostly other people. Let me start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Let me first blame the person who decided to sell a 1993 Jeep Wrangler at a ridiculously low price. Let me then blame my wife, who actually let me go through with purchasing it, using money we were surprised we ended up with, which led to us owning a 1993 Jeep Wrangler, an even greater surprise.

Let me blame mother nature, who, decided to give us one of the best days in the last four months on Saturday, complete with sunshine and temperatures near 75°. It’s the first time we’ve been above room temperature since April of 84.

Let me then blame my children, who are so fun to play with that I find it very difficult to keep commitments like this. I’m sorry — that’s just the way I am.

All right. I feel better now that I’ve laid some blame on some people. But I should probably take the blame on myself. You see, I’ve said before and I’ll say again that getting a blog is like promising your neighbors that you have the nicest lawn on the street. Sure, it may be possible, and even very nice, but now you have to go out and water, fertilize, comb, paint, etc. While the rest of your neighbors are out playing frisbee or, say, “hacky sack”, you’ve become an accidental investor in the Scott’s Lawn Chemical Corporation.

I’m writing this Saturday morning Post on Sunday night. It is 11:58 PM. Everyone is asleep at me, even the cat who is sitting on my lap making it really hard to type. But that’s not a problem, because I have this really cool thing called voice recognition software. It actually works! I haven’t touched the keyboard yet. Seriously. I’m working on gobs of homework right now, and this is the real timesaver. The strange thing is, that you have to speak every punctuation mark into place. In order for me to have put a period on the end of that sentence, I have to actually say “.” See — that didn’t work. But for the most part, it’s flawless. And I don’t look like a weirdo. Okay… maybe a little.

It is now midnight, officially making it Monday morning. In a few hours, I will get up and wander into a radio station, all the while wondering why I signed up for such a stupid gig. Then, after a few breaks, and a few laughs, my outlook will change and I will think to myself “why did I sign up for such a stupid gig?” Of course, I kid.

Okay I’m done with my blog now it is up to turn this headset thing off and go to sleep sweet sleep in and water is a salon yet pants and a toothbrush take a swig of that they’ll swallow no restless legs dream of Jeannie dancing bears the pope swears Emily a no no I’m finishing my blog but the headset won’t turn off yet I just finished ordinations stuff five minutes ago in what the

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