Saturday Morning Post 04.11.09

“I hit my foot again” shouts little Malachi, and rightly so. For some reason, he and gravity are at odds today; so are he and pieces of furniture. I woke up to a “ka-klunk, ka-blammy, ka-owww” sound from the kitchen, a very comic-book collection of exclamations. It was Malachi, falling off of a chair. We’ve asked him several times exactly what happened, only to get the same answer “I told you already! I fell off the chair!”
Yeah, we know that. The question is how… how did you fall off? Answer: “I told you already! I fell off the chair!” Ohhh… okay. Got it.

Waking up to this classic parenting scenario is becoming more and more common as the kids get older and more climb-y, as if the greatest adventure in life could be to get from the couch to the chair without touching the floor. I remember those days and still have the scars.

At least we all got a good amount of sleep last night, which is good given that this is a big week in the life of Adam Davidson. The life of Adam Davidson directly affects 5 people, which means its been a big week for 5 Davidsons. Over at SAFMC, we’re celebrating Easter in a grand way by doing a musical called “The Choice”, complete with drama, Orchestra, set, lights, hazer, thunder, tickets, etc. We’ve been getting ready for it since October and, lo and behold, it’s happening this weekend. The first performance was last night, the second and final will be tonight at 7pm. I would tell you to come, but the tickets are gone and that would be very thoughtless of me. It’s a big production with lots of very talented people involved, and God has already used it, as we hope He will again tonight. As of this sentence we’re 7 hours and 15 minutes from curtain.

I was in the ER this last week and in the Doctor’s office not once but twice, all for a pesky sinus infection that angered up the maxillary sinus and trigeminal nerve quite a bit. Pain level 10 (on a scale of 1-5). Pain meds wouldn’t touch it, and I found myself looking for a wall to put my head through so I would at least have something else to think about. It wasn’t pretty and couldn’t have come on a worse week, with the musical being right around the corner and all. Fortunately, my wonderful wife took great care of me — on top of the already full load of 3 kids. Also, many people at the church pulled together and did great things to get us ready. One fella was at the church until 3:30AM, only to turn around and head to work at 6AM. Whoa. I’m thankful.

Our Easter plans are as follows: 2 services, then it’s off to nothing. Sweet nothing. That’s about it. The kids will have baskets and we’ll try to explain that, while they are surrounded by colorful eggs and candy, that the real reason for Easter is Jesus. They’ll get it… eventually. I saw an interesting commercial whose tag line was “Wal-Mart makes Easter possible”. Wow. A corporation raising Jesus from the dead. Amazing.

I can tell that my writing is influenced by various anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics, so I’d better knock it off before I start typing even more gibberish. Until next time…

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