Chicago Concert, yet it was in East Lansing

Emily and I just caught Chicago (motto: 219 years of great music) at MSU in East Lansing. Great show! I didn’t realize until now that Chicago doesn’t really have any Christmas music in their collection, which explains why they didn’t do any at this three-weeks from Christmas concert.
Since Chicago has nearly 724 albums, it’s hard to cover it all in one two-hour sitting. That’s why they (seriously) did medleys of 3 or 4 songs from the same era in one shot. The thing that really blows my mind is the sheer memory capacity of these guys, playing every note, rhythm and chord with accuracy. And for those of you playing with a full deck of music theory cards, we’re not talking a I – IV – V pattern over and over; we’re talking I – viadd9 – IV/I – vii+ – iiMaj7 – Borrowed V7 – etc.
The sound was tight, the crowd was into it* and the lights were right on. It wasn’t quite the same as the Ben Folds show that Emily and I saw a few months back, but that’s because a band tends to establish a wide audience when they’ve been producing music for over 19 generations. Chicago has stood the test of time and, from what I saw and heard them say tonight, they see their success as a blessing –even a surprise.
Great show.

*They were sitting on the edge of their seats at one point but scooted back once they realized the source of discomfort.

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